Residential Purchase - South SHore

"The best part about doing business with Nichita is that he will never rush you into buying something that you don't feel comfortable with. That single fact made our journey a lot smoother than with other agents that me and my wife dealt with in the past. After 3 months of persistent searching, Nichita finally found a perfect fit for our little family. Thanks Nic!"

- Samuel

Residential Sale - Laval

"Nichita is quite a phenomenon. Our home was sold at 98% of its listed price and within our initially planned timeframe. Nothing could have gone better. Thank you so much Nichita! :)"

- Julie

residential sale - South shore

"After trying to sell our home with the old and basic agents working for the 'big' companies, we decided to try our luck with Nichita. We were amazed at the pace at which Nichita worked. His driving character and enthusiasm enabled us to sell our house in less than 6 weeks. We can finally move out to our next house which Nichita also found for us!" 

- Catherine


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